Perfect Price winsoon Tile-In Shower Drain for Bathroom

The linear shower drains are the newest design elements in today's modern bathrooms, this drain style offers the most flexibility since it can be placed anywhere in the shower without having to go under the grate. It is especially useful for high rise residential/commercial buildings, where plumbing is along the wall Tile insert linear drains can be used in two ways, either flat stainless steel or flipped over to be filled with whatever tile you are using for your floor, it provides an... Application Type: Shower drain Drain Type: Tile-In Material: Metal Outlet/Connection Diameter: 2''


My Best Shower Drain by Alfi Brand & Linear Grid Shower Drain Reviews

An extra-large shower drain allows you to create a one-directional slope for extra-large showers or for outdoor use. The stainless steel material is highly resistant to temperature variations and household cleaners and soaps. This unique style of shower drain provides you with the comfort of not standing directly over the drain while you shower, making your shower experience feel more hygienic and leaving your shower cleaner and dryer. Application Type: Shower drain Drain Type: Linear Grid Material: Metal Outlet/Connection Diameter: 2'' Overall: 47.25'' W x 3'' D